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south-china-normal-university-logoSouth China Normal University (SCNU; simplified Chinese: 华南师范大学; traditional Chinese: 華南師範大學; pinyin: Huánán shīfàn dàxué) is a comprehensive university of project 211 in Guangzhou, capital ofGuangdong province, in the People’s Republic of China. The university is featured distinctively by both teaching and research, consisting of diverse branches of learning such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, technology, and management. There is also an elementary school in this university.

Cantonese Language Program

Cantonese as a regional dialect originally in the Pearl River Delta, which is the Southern part of Guangdong Province, of which Guangzhou is the capital city. In the past around century, with the spreading of people to nearly all parts of the world, Cantonese is also widely used next to the standard Chinese, which is also known as Mandarin.

As our university is located in the center of the dialect region, the offering of such course is an extra advantage for us and we have native speakers to teach such courses. Due to the demand of such course, now only elementary class is available, i.e. class for Cantonese beginners.

south-china-normal-university-img2Degree Programs

The university has 24 colleges and 1 department. The subjects include Chinese language, Foreign language, History, politics,law, education, Mathematics, computer, economy, management, physical education, biology, information, physics, geography, fine arts, music, tourism etc.

South China Normal University enjoys some international reputation. Lots of foreign students come here to study Chinese language and other specialties or subjects every year.

Overseas Students Affairs Office
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Address: Shi Pai, Guangzhou, P. R. China, Post Code : 510631 College of International Culture, South China Normal University


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