Guangzhou Metro Guangfo Line

guangzhou-metro-guangfo-line-imgGuangfo Metro (Chinese: 广佛地铁; pinyin: Guǎngfó Dìtiě), Guangfo Line (Chinese: 广佛线; pinyin: Guǎngfó Xiàn), or Line 1 of the FMetro (Chinese: 佛山地铁1号线; pinyin: Fóshān Dìtiě Yī Hào Xiàn) is a subway line that connects the Chinese cities Foshan and Guangzhou. The line is currently 20 km long and has 14 stations, which are all underground. When the line is completed, it will have 32.2 km of tracks and 21 stations, of which 17.4 km of tracks and 10 stations will be located in Guangzhou. It was expected to start construction in 2002 with a tentative opening in 2009. However, due to capital shortage, its construction was claimed to be suspended until it resumed in 2007. The section between Kuiqilu (魁奇路) and Xilang (西朗) was completed in 2010 while the route between Xilang and Lijiao (Chinese: 沥滘) will be completed in 2016. The Xilang-Yangang section began operation on December 28, 2015. Since 24 April 2016, Wi-Fi is available across the entire line.


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