Guangzhou Ballet Troupe

The Guangzhou Ballet Troupe is a classical ballet company based in Guangzhou, China. In addition to works from the classical European ballet repertoire, the company performs works of classical and contemporary Chinese ballet. The company is one of the top four ballet companies in China. It was founded in 1974, and is currently headed by dancer Zhang Dandan. The company tours internationally.


Guangzhou Ballet was founded in 1974 by Zhang Dandan, a former dancer with the National Ballet of China. The current company has many members who are graduates from the Beijing Dance Academy. Notable dancers in the company include Zou Guang, Tong Shusheng, Zhang Dandan Guo Fei and Qiu Lu.

Members of the company are trained in the Vaganova method, following the tradition of Russian ballet introduced to China following the Communist Revolution. The Vaganova method has its origins at the Imperial Russian ballet in St. Petersburg.

Guangzhou Ballet is also involved in cultural exchanges with foreign ballet choreographers, dancers, and instructors. Foreign artists and ballet coaches from France, Canada, USA, Russia, Britain, Germany and Sweden have participated in projects with the Guangzhou Ballet Troupe.

Address: No. 1070, Tianyuan Rd. Tianhe District


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